Creative Gift Key Pete Doorman Magnetic Keychain


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Creative Gift Key Pete Doorman Magnetic Keychain

100% brand new
Available in 4 fun colors
Strong magnet holds up to 30 keys
Attaches to metallic door, fridge or other metal surfaces
Product Size: 8.1 * 7.5 * 6 cm
Weight: 72g

Key Pete is a reliable guardian of your keys. 
Connect him to any metal surface and let him hold your keys. 
He has extra-strong magnets that can carry the weight of 30 keys so you don't need to worry about that your keys may weigh too much. 
It is a fantastic gift for those prone to losing keys. 
Also, it is handy to have around the office where he can grasp any office accessories with a metallic component such as your scissors, stapler or paperclips.

Each Key Pete is individually packed in a gift box.

Package Included:
1 x Magnetic Keychain


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