500mW A3 30x40cm Desktop DIY Violet Laser Engraver Picture CNC Printer Assembling Kits



Are you interested in DIY?
Do you love to assemble the machine parts to a perfect laser engraving machine?
Will you desire to enjoy the greatest pleasure when you assemble the laser engraver successful by yourself?
Yeap!!! DIY lovers, do not miss the opportunity to built your own laser engraver, and come to know more about it.
Let's enjoy assembling the laser engraving machine;)

The Newest Video to A3 30x40cm Desktop DIY Violet Laser Engraver Cutter:

There Is A Video Shows How to Assemble The Laser Machine:


More laser machine operation video click:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdKnaIsnpOQ

Installation Instructions:

500mW A3 30x40cm Desktop DIY Violet Laser Engraver Picture CNC Printer Assembling Kits

The New DIY A3 laser engraving machine assembling kits is coming in 2015. With 30X40cm ultra large engraving area, gantry shape design, no engraving height limitation. Three stepper motor drive providing faster moving speed. 500mW violet laser module with heatsink, high laser engraving power and long-term available. It is ideal for amateur laser engraving usage low-light positioning and freedom positioning functions. It only need you to connect it to the computer, then you can print any pictures your like with your own creativity.


Material Stainless Steel and Acrylic
Working Voltage DC 12V
Working Current DC 2.5A
Laser Power 500mW
Control Software System Advanced Edition(GRBL)/ Simple version(Benbox)
Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm
Engraving Area 30x40cm / 11.81 x 15.75inch (maximum)
Engraved object height limitatiion No Limitation
Packaging Size 55x21x14cm / 21.65×8.27×5.51inch (L*W*H)
Final Product Size 60x45x25cm / 23.62×17.72×9.84inch (L*W*H)
Package Weight 4.60kg
Certification CE, FCC,FDA

500mW DIY A3 Laser Engraving Machine Assembling Kits Lists:

500mW A3 violet light laser engraving assembling kits
Equipped with 405nm 500mW blue laser module with heatsink
No limitation of engraving height
30X40cm the largest engraving area
Adjustable laser power and burning time
Grayscale printing function
Low-light positioning function
freedom positioning function
USB interface
can work continuously 1-2 hours
Ideal for amateur DIY laser engraving

The software we have upload it to the netdisk, and its downloading link is:  Click here

Engraving Material Note:
1.can engraving materials: wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, bank card, rubber
2.can not engraving material: metal, stone, ceramic, shell, light-reflecting material, transparent material

Cutting Material:
It can only cut paper,thin leather material.

1. Please wear laser goggles during usage, and avoid touching the laser directly with you eyes or skin!
2. This is a whole set,and need to assemble it by yourself.
3. We have upgraded some components like driver board and stepper motors.
   (Details please refer to the following parts pictures. Thank you.)
4. The laser module should work less than half an hour per time and then go on after cooling down.

Package included:
1x  Violet Laser Engraver Assembling Kits

More Details:

The driver board,motor and power supply have been updated. You might receive the new parts as below.Please note it. Thank you.

After Assembling the whole Set Kits: (Finished Product)

Control Software System:

FDA Certificate:


Q:Does this machine need to be assembled when I received it?
A:There is a set of A3 laser machine parts that needs you to assemble by yourselves, but we have introduction video to show you how to assemble it, it is very intersting, and rich information, practical skill then you will get from the DIY.
Q:Whick type computer system can run its software?
A:The software only support the Windows system.
Q:If I received the product but it is broken during the tranportation, What can I do?
A:Please contact with us(cservice@banggood.com), we will send you the replacement parts for free. By the way, if you have any questions during the usage, please feel free to contact us, we will help you to solve your problem ASAP.
Q:What's the machine's lifetime?
A:The machine is made from the aluminum alloy and acrylic. Its lifetime depend on the laser module lifetime. The laser module have over 6,000 hours lifetime.
Q:If the laser module is broken during usage, Where can I get the replacement one?
A:There are whole set laser module that compatible with the machine, please just input the corresponding laser power(For example:500mW) on our website,then you can get the information about it and chose to buy one.
Q:What's the size of this machine's engraving area?
A:The machine's largest engraving area is 30X40cm.
Q:What material can it engrave?
A:Wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, leather, rubber.
Q:What material can it cut?
A:Foam, paper, thin leather.

Q:Can I use it to cut or engrave on metal?
A:It can not engrave or cut on any metal.
Q:Can I regulate the laser power or the laser power is adjustable?
A:Sorry that the laser power is not adjustable, but the engraving speed is adjustable.
Q:How long can the machine work continuously?
A:It can work continuously about 1~2 hours, after the laser mould cool down(about half of an hour), then start work again. Long time work continuously with shorten the laser module liftetime.
Q:Can I upgrade the stronger power laser module by myself?
A:Of course you can, this machine provide the DC 5V power supply for laser module. So any 5V power supply laser module can be installled on this machine. But you need to connect the laser cable with the right polarity, the red is positive, otherwise the laser mdoule will burn down.
Q:Can I extend the slide rail to expand its engraving area?
A:Yes, you can. But you need to find the the slide rail by yourself, we do not provide such extended slide rail.
Q:When I receive it, how to let it work?
A:Fist of all, you need to plug the stepper moter power cable to the controller board, then installl the software and the driver, power supply the machine,that's all.