Description :
30W 0-28V Output Valtage Hand Dynamo Hand Emergency Generator Hand Generator with DC Converter
Features :

1. This hand crank generator uses high-tech magnetic conversion technology and the outer case is high-strength aluminum composite alloy material.
2. Operating conditions :
1) Temperature : -40°C – 60°C
2) Relative humidity : 80% – 90%(40 ± 2°C)
3) Altitude : ≤5000m
3. Water – resistant.
4. Shock – resistant.
5. Current overload and overheating protection.

6. Comes with the DC Converter (3V/ 5V/ 6V/ 9V/ 12V/14V/ 16V/ 18V/ 20V/ 24V/ 28V OUTPUT VOLTAGE).

Applation :  

Mainly ideal for small power communication station, walkie-talkie, laptop computers, satellite phones, mobile phones, cameras, digital cameras, portable mobile TV, electric tools, all kinds of measuring instruments, portable products such as power supply or batteries. etc.
Can be directly charge for the li-ion battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lead-acid battery and other kinds of batteries.

Technical Specifications :

Rated Power Max
Max Current Net Weight Dimension(mm)
30W 40W 0-28V 1.5-2A 3A 480g 106 x 64 x 39

Package includes :  

1 x 30W Hand Emergency Generator
1 x DC Converter (3V/ 5V/ 6V/ 9V/ 12V/14V/ 16V/ 18V/ 20V/ 24V/ 28V OUTPUT VOLTAGE)

Products details :  

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