100pcs Garden Flowering Bulbs Potted Plant Zantedeschia Hybrida Flower Seeds


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Garden Flowering Bulbs Plant Zantedeschia Hybrida Seeds

Scientific name: Zantedeschia hybrida Spr.
Plant height: 20-30cm / 8-12"
Sowing time: the end of August
Germination days: 20 to 30 days
Flowering phase: March to April

Growth Habit:

Growth Temperature Space Sunlight Requiremen Soil pH


Half shadow, Sunniness 6.0-7.5

Sowing Way:
1. Disinfection: Soak the seed with 0.3% potassium permanganate for 10 minutes
2. Pregermination: Soak the seed with 40ƒ?Ÿ/104ƒ?? water for 15 to 20 hours, then clean with 20ƒ?Ÿ/68ƒ?? water once a day and place them at 20ƒ?Ÿ/68ƒ?? environment
3. Sprout after 20 to 30 days, sow into sandy loam about 6mm/0.18" thickness, then sprinkle profoundly water, and keep the soil wet during germination

Package Include:
100 x Zantedeschia Hybrida Seeds